Year 3 & 4

Students practice and use complex manipulative and locomotor skills in a range of movement environments (indoor, outdoor and aquatic). They develop competency in a range of complex motor skills such as leaping, dodging, the over-arm throw, dribbling and striking balls. In aquatic environments students have an opportunity to participate in a swimming program at Hailebury College.

Through modified major games (for example, games with modified rules, equipment, playing field, length of game or numbers on a team such as modified netball), and athletics activities (eg. discus, shot put and modified versions of jumps), students begin to apply their skills in sport-specific settings.

The students explore basic games’ tactics such as: introducing the concepts of attack and defence; following the rules of the game; and describing the roles of various positions. They begin to work with others to set and achieve goals in both cooperative and competitive games’ settings.

During the year students have an opportunity to participate in Carnivals such as Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics.


Basketball Shooting